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Sandbox Games is a game development start-up that leverages a talented Team with more than 10 years of experience in the Videogame Industry.

What drives us is the passion for gaming and eSport racing entertainment.

The Sandbox team is constantly involved in research to better express our creativity throughout new technology, we want to engage our audience providing always fresh entertainment experiences with personality.


Data Driven Racing Game Engine
Procedural Generation Engine for Racing Tracks
eSport Online Platform
Live Tournaments Platform
VR & AR Applications
A.I. Research & Develompent

We have developed our own Racing Technology giving us full control on it and every related asset, owning all the related rights.


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Racecraft eSport

eSport Racing Game based on Procedural Technology available on Steam in Early-Access.

Everyday new challenges await you on completely new racetracks generated with our Procedural Engine “Camilla”. You can compete monthly in a state of the art Asynchronous eMotorsport Environment, with Championships, Tournaments and Special Events to earn Season Points and climb the leaderboard throughout the Season.
Improve your Performance Index (ASPEI) to obtain higher Licenses and gain access to prestigious events with the possibility of winning exclusive prizes.

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Racecraft Coin-Op

Coin Op Racing Simulator designed for the Amusement Market.


  • Multiplayer, up to 8 Players
  • Professional Gear
  • 55″ Screen
  • Steering Wheel with Force Feedback
  • Professional Audio 2.1 with Subwoofer
  • Available in 4 Different Colors (R/B/G/Y)
  • Kid Mode
  • 15 Original Race Tracks
  • 4 Camera Views
  • Administration Menu
  • Full Data Analysis
  • Statistics & Options
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Racecraft Arena

Live Racing Tournament Platform (under development).


  • Fast Players Registration via Tablet
  • Automatic Rounds Management
  • Manifolds Tournament Modes
  • Ranking Points System
  • Last man Standing
  • Mini-Champs
  • Real-Time Leaderboard
  • Real-Time Winners Podium
  • Automated TV-like Direction
  • Live Streaming on Twitch


"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting."

- Steve McQueen


We hire only Ninjas!

We are looking for dynamic, talented professionals who wish to contribute to the creation of our videogames. Come to Sandbox, and your contribution will be valued and recognized by gamers, the industry and our team.

Open Positions

  • Senior Physics Programmer

As a member of the Programming Team, development and enhancement of gameplay features through coding, modification and optimisation of the Camilla engine code. You will be expected to work without supervision and be able to advise and mentor junior colleagues.


Key Responsibilities

  • Development of Camilla, Procedural Racetrack Generator
  • Development Autonomous AIs for Racing
  • Potential to Work on Multiple Projects at the same time
  • Know-how in Machine Learning to create tools to balance AIs Performances and Car Crafting Module (which takes in account hundreds of physics parameters)
Key Requirements
  • BSc degree in Computer Science and Physics/Maths
  • Good skills on Vehicle Dynamics
  • Organised – able to adapt priorities efficiently
  • Excellent attention to details
  • Excellent problem-solving skills

"I always thought records were there to be broken."

- Michael Schumacher